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Good evening Mr. / Mrs. I donate my property to someone who is honest and in need. In short, my name is Mrs. Sanchez Sandrine Corman, I am of French origin, and I live in FRANCE. I suffer from a serious illness that condemns me to certain death, it is cancer of the throat, and I have a sum of which I would like to make a donation to a person of confidence and honest so that it makes good use. I own a cocoa import business in France, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and I lost my husband 6 years ago, which affected me a lot and I did not I was able to remarry until today, we had no children. I would like to make this sum a donation before my death may my days are counted for lack of this disease that I had no cure but a sedative in FRANCE. I make this present gift because my spiritual father advise me so that my image is a little perfect in God the father. I would like to know if you can benefit from this donation? Please answer me.
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Annons ID: 3021

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