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wooden parts manufacturing in Latvia--> profitable 
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We offer the production of all types of wood parts products. We produce wooden parts in our factory. How does our cooperation will help you? 1. We can produce your products in high quality from wood cheaper; 2. The ability to save (in the off-season you can be out of orders); 3. You will save your time which you can send to the development of the company. It will be profitable for you! BUT! We produce only high quality products. If we can not provide high quality, we will reject the project! What you need to do is give us the opportunity to make an production costs of your wood details. • We need drawings of your parts and specifications. • We will prepare a price offer for you. If you will see that this is profitable for you, then we can start working, but if not, then you have nothing to lose! Livonia Design ltd ttings +37120022792 (Ru)
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Annons ID: 2926

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